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She was a gal of two coasts who began her days in Prospect Park then traded the endless winters for the cool sea breeze and beaches of San Diego.

Annabelle was my constant companion; loyal empathetic, insightful, who possessed a loving presence.  She would intercede upon seeing one dog bully another and was always judicious with her response. She developed a refined pallet, enjoyed outings, as well as her couch. I miss her so much.



2003 (?) -2011





Archon, my Bullmastiff, who was a rescued therapy dog, died after a long 6 month battle with cancer,. He will be greatly missed by many. He was a superdog. He brought love, light and happiness to thousands of people.

Archon was rescued from the Brooklyn Animal Care & Control 8 years ago. He was an hour away from being put to sleep when I met him and after hanging out with Archon for about 10 minutes, I decided that he was a giant teddy bear although he was labeled aggressive and unpredictable.

Archon was certified as a DELTA Society therapy dog and made a honorary "Angel on a Leash" therapy dog and over the last 8 years, Archon has proved to be nothing short of a saint. I am deeply saddened by this huge loss although I have 9 other dogs to comfort me however, I am completely devastated. Archon will definitely really be missed.

I love you with all my heart Archon. Sweetdreams my angel. I will see you again in Heaven buddy. You were a really "good boy"! Daddy misses you soooooooooo much already!!! Thank you so much for being such an amazing and great friend and soulmate to me Archon. I am eternally grateful.

Fair winds and following seas Archon!
Rest in Peace Archon

God in Heaven, please take really good care of my dog Archon.



died autumn 2014



Upon the death of his owner, he returned to Prospect Park for a short time. Peace to both of you.

1997 - May 2009



Our beloved friend Baron, passed on, at the age of 13 years, on Saturday, May 2nd, 2009 after months of increasing illness.
He had many wonderful years of going to the park every day with Robby, meeting all his friends. Thank you all for the attention and the cookies Remember him that way, in joy.

Robert and Ricki Davis



2000 - 2013



Bear was exceptionally handsome, regal, sweet, smart and a momma's boy. His favorite place was home but Prospect Park was a close second, He enjoyed many memorable years there in all kinds of weather - rain, snow, heat and cold. Bear loved the park - so many scents to sniff, different areas to explore, socialization, snow play, swimming, a venue for his "tricks for a treat" greeting.

Bear was called "the unofficial mayor of the park" in his heyday. One dogowner would kiss him on top of his head and leave a bright red lipstick mark each time she saw him. Bear touched many a heart, both human and canine. I adopted Bear, sight unseen, when he was 1 year old, fully grown, never been on a leash and in need of a good home. He became my best friend. Bear gave back just as much, if not more and my life was better because of him. I'm grateful to have had Bear. I'll cherish the memories and he'll always be in my heart.






She came from a rescue group and truly rescued me. I am grateful for the 11 years of wonderment with Bella. My mourning will pass but the memories of happier days will remain.

Dylan Thomas, On the Death of A Child : "After the first death there is no other."

Bob Marino

Note: FIDO in prospect Park is proud to include Bella's picture and the eulogy above. Though Bella was an infrequent visitor to our meadows due to her age, she nonetheless provided comfort and the spiritual support that empowered her owner as President of the New York Council of Dog Owner's Groups, to see to it that off-leash became the law of NYC.




2000 - 4:05pm, April 12, 2013


Bliss was our heart & Brooklyn soul - When everyone asked "what kind of dog?" we always just said he is a Brooklyn Dog. Feisty at times, loved his pack & most of all his park. Rescued from the Linden Blvd shelter - he rescued us many times over in his 12 years with us. His beauty was extraordinary, a magical wolf to many.

We brought Bliss home today where his big white "woof" shadow will forever be in his park.

Please also see the real Bliss in action on YouTube:

Marie Nahikian. Gene Seymour. Chafin Seymour.


09/1994 - 9/11/2009

Boo was a wondrous gentle old soul even when young. Boo was wisdom, serenity and radiance. Never greedy, never complaining, never aggressive:


Boo was the universe manifesting Love: Darkness become Light. Where Boo passed, smiles blossomed. The chance to spend a bit of time with him as my teacher and my great love was the most fantastic blessing. Boo can never leave me. When awesome blue waves crash into foam on sandy shores, there he'll be. When blizzards blow pure white snow all over us, there he'll be. Whenever anyone smiles, there he'll be. My Love, my Boo, my everything: Thank you for rescuing this poor stray woman with your great great love

Boo passed away a few months shy of 16 on September 11, 2009. He rode to the Peninsula in his red wagon the day before he died and lay in the long cool grass surrounded by dog and human friends. He was happy.




Bosco (April 11, 2006 - February 25, 2011)

Bosco passed away after a six month battle with a brain tumor. A fine companion, he often travelled with me to Californa. He was affectionate (on his terms... well, he was French), expressive, energetic, playful, vocal (surpisingly so!) and though he loved to dive into a scuffle, was never one to start a fight. I was proud to be your Dad Bosco, you drew a fan club wherever we went. I miss you terribly, little boy - there will never be another like you.

Jeffery Welch




Rescued: 3/11/2013
Died: 6/4/2014
Age: ~2 year 9 months

My boy Bo’s’n, a handsome lion-headed pitbull-mix, found his way into my life by a circuitous path: a friend and fellow pitbull advocate in New Mexico had information that a dog named “Spenser” was at the high-kill NYC Animal Control after he and his brother “Jacob” had been left tied up in a building lobby. I failed to rescue Spenser in time; but on the morning Jacob was to die, I pulled him minutes before the shelter’s adoption website shut down and the day’s killings would begin.

I loved him from the moment I saw him bounding down the shelter’s hallway toward me; he knew I was his person and he was home. If I had worried about how he would get along with my grumpy 13 year-old Tahnee, it was needless because they were fast friends. So began what I thought would be a long adventure. I named him Bo’s’n—short for boatswain—a naval officer in charge of the ship’s gear and the lads.

Bo’s’n was a head-turner, inspiring smiles all around. Elegantly athletic, he had a passion for the hunt and a heart for play. He loved children, often attending to them with a look of concern, giving truth to the saying that pitbulls were “nanny dogs.” To me, he was my prince, comforting me through the deaths of Tahnee and my father, sweetening life’s everyday disappointments with his loving demeanor.

Bo’s’n’s fatal illness took me by surprise; he was barely 3 years-old. In his last days, no longer eating, his insides in tatters, he gallantly sustained himself on his animal spirit alone, still hunting for squirrels, still looking regal. In his last hour, we walked through the park where he took in every moving thing, where a pallid little boy suddenly appeared asking to pet him and just as suddenly disappeared, where a pair of teenage girls hugged him, where people smiled to see him. In the short time Bo’s’n was mine he gave me the gift of courage and camaraderie, and I gave him a name and a story.

Good night, sweet Prince, And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Czerny & George


Bouba George
1999 - dec 2012

I cried and Bouba George danced with joy when we encountered the Long Meadow in October of 2006. Our lives had been in Mississippi and Texas, so when we encountered off leash after two long months of only leash, we were beside ourselves! :)

I once lost him at the long meadows. It was right after July 4th and he had found the picnic tables around the band shell (I can only presume he was trying to get back home after being separated from me, or maybe he just remembered where the good food was!). I was completely hoarse by that point when I saw Bouba in the shadows, and he saw me, he response seemed to be, "Where HAVE you been? I've saved the best day old left over chicken for YOU!!!!" Don't you worry, we were back at the Long Meadows the next week. We went every Sunday morning, and every Wednesday night. He, of course, is my One True Dog. 17 faithful years.

Will Always miss you.


January, 2000 - Septembert 2012

It was on an especially icy afternoon, January 14, 2000, that I saw her running back and forth in an empty parking lot along the Bronx reservoir, desperately looking for the people who drove her there and left her. I called to her; but, miserably preoccupied, she ignored me. I continued following her for a half hour until I found her curled up in a corner chewing her foot in despair. Unfamiliar with dogs, I approached her tentatively; but when she licked my hand, I knew we would be friends. Two months later, Brandy had 7 puppies. The tan puppy is now my Tahnee.

Brandy was a winsome dog. She brought me laughter and companionship. She taught me patience and sociability, qualities in which I was limited. She introduced me to new friends, of which I had but few. The last 6 months since Brandy's diagnosis of kidneys failure have been difficult but precious. She was brave and cooperative throughout, never causing more trouble than she had to. She left me the night of September 3, 2012--softly, gently, on the the wings of that huge golden butterfly I saw from my window that morning.

Czerny Auyang & George Kerasiotis

2003? - Oct 18, 2014


Brian was named "Fluffy" at the shelter, and his bio had listed, among other things, "OP, FP", where P stands of Possessive. To the contrary, he was the most gentle and loving dog we could imagine. We were awakened one evening when Brian had gone through our garbage in the kitchen and brought a container of food back to our bedroom - something so good had to be enjoyed in our company.

We have been so blessed to have Brian in our family, and we will miss him dearly.



Never a stick nor a log
That this dog
Couldn't consume on the spot...

1990 - 2003
If the Good Lord happens to be in need of a brew: Putney was well versed in opening refrigerators and fetching a beer. His services will be sorely missed!



1997 - 2004

To see her was to believe her - big of body, big of heart; she was truly a giving companion...

Because they belong together...

Jennifer B


Passed Friday, July 1, 2011
She was 14-1/2 years old.




Charlotte came into our lives by accident when our older son was 7 years old. We were at North Shore Animal League looking for a kitten for him, and we were told it was "not kitten season." Instead we came home with an adorable fuzzy orange puppy.

When our younger son was born prematurely, Charlotte was curious and confused at first about what this new thing was in the house. But she quickly realized this new thing was very important to us, and so she guarded it. She did not let him out of her sight, and slept under his crib.

She's been a wonderful watchdog and friend. We all miss her very much.

Isabel kraut


10/21/1996 - 2/9/2009

This is a simple note to thank all of you for being there for my sweet Wheaten, Chaucer, for all of his eight years living with Addisons, and the 6 years before. I don't know what I would have done if I had not found you those many years ago.

He was diagnosed in November of 2001 and after living in New York with the lost due to the events of September 11, 2001, life became even more treasured. My dog helped two children who had lost an Uncle in the World Trade Center - cope, - he helped many of us cope, so when this illness threatened his life we gained some strength from watching him survive.

He has been through many ups and downs; most recently in 2008, Chaucer had the removal of a large tumor but he made it through with his doctors crowning him their "miracle dog". They even stopped the surgery, to take photographs because the tumor was the size of a melon and yet he seemed happy just to be alive.

Unfortunately in the last few months, my buddy became allergic to his steroid medication and although we tried many things his body went into renal failure. I learned so much from this experience, and my decision to love an animal with Addison's has kept my entire family healthy - we have changed our diets and have incorporated many health regiments because of this experience.

But most of all, and especially in this time of a troubled world, we have watched Chaucer wag his tail even when his body was too weak to rise, or rest his head upon my hand to let me know that things will be alright - so hope became the order of the day! After his thirteen years and four months by my side, Chaucer has now gone to be with my mother who also loved him. I never knew I could love an animal so much, even enough to know when to ease his pain.

It was simply his time to leave... God likes it simple.

Although my heart is heavy, I want you all to know how much good you do - just by being there for each other, for our furry friends... for me. Thank you.

May you all have great joy and much favor for deciding to take this journey of love.

Peace and blessings

Denise with my buddy Chaucer in spirit

And many little birds make melody

That sleep through all the night with open eye

(So Nature pricks them on to ramp and rage)-

Then do folk long to go on pilgrimage,

And palmers to go seeking out strange strands,

To distant shrines well known in sundry lands.

And specially from every shire's end

Of England they to Canterbury wend,

The holy blessed martyr there to seek

Who helped them when they lay so ill and weak

from Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales



Passed away 7/13/04


Chloe visited Prospect Park daily from July 1990 until she moved to VT in June 1999. Some friends may still be found there. My most compatible and constant friend. She was known for her frequent and long searches for garbage throughout the park! She ate voraciously right up to the end. My sweet puppy.



You were my constant companion for 14 years. A street puppy in Macedonia, I fed you and took you to the vet but I didn’t want to adopt you at first. When I saw someone kick you, I decided to take you home with me.

In addition to Macedonian, Croatian and Serbian pet passports, you held the coveted European Union one, which allowed us to travel freely throughout Europe. You were chipped for both sides of the Atlantic because once I committed myself to taking care of you, I didn’t want to lose you. When it was time for me to come home to NYC, there was no doubt you would join me. Even though I am a daughter of Astoria, I chose to live in Brooklyn so that we could enjoy beautiful walks in Prospect Park together.

You were taken from me suddenly. My heart is broken. My only consolation is that you have an eternal supply of butterflies, sunshine and squirrels where you are now. When my time to leave this earth comes, it will be I who runs to you.

Stephanie V. Grepo

June 1995 - August 2008

A girl of the north country, Daisy was born of a chance encounter between a Nova Scotia Tolling Retriever father and a Golden Retriever mother in Columbia County, NY.

She picked our family to join after we accepted a neighbor's invitation to "take a look" at the new litter. For 12 years she was Gerry's constant running companion in Prospect Park and the country roads around Kinderhook, NY, becoming a familiar canine friend to many of the early morning regulars in the park.

She could hear the pop of a beer can or bottle from anywhere in the house, knowing it was treat time for her also. A lover of music of all kinds (classical, jazz or rock), she invariably positioned herself in the sweet spot between the hi fi speakers. Daisy was an exemplary dog in every respect and her memory is etched forever in our hearts and minds.

Grace and Gerry Sun



I'm still aware of your paw steps behind me; that flicker of your shadow through the patches of light between trees. I whisper that it's all right to leave me; but I know you never will.

Anthony C.


Died 2/2/05

Daphne enjoyed foraging grass and dandelion roots in Prospect Park daily from Feb 1991 until she moved to VT in June 1999. Cute but aloof, everyone loved her ears! Daphne missed Chloe (died previous July) and grieved for her sister, exacerbating a heart condition, although she left us before she was in distress. My cutie girl!

Chris Seminara

Passed away June '03

My Darla...
We fell in love the minute I rescued her from the shelter -
From the first second she was usually inside my coat.
Now and forever she will always be inside my heart.

Susan Ring






Always cool, calm and collected, Denali brought joy to countless patients as a therapy dog working at New York Methodist Hospital and the Brooklyn VA. He was at my side every morning in Prospect Park, the constant optimist; where every day was going to be a mini-adventure - and it was. It doesn't get any better than that.

Sleep in peace, sweet boy...

Bob, Jane, Katie & Jenna


DINAHthe Lion Bear*
March, 1993?, July 28, 2005

Dinah, the grey chow chow, spent the past 12+ years enriching our lives.  She taught us that a creature on 4 legs could get us to fetch, open doors to the garden constantly, walk her at all hours of the day, shovel ice and snow when it was freezing out.   She taught us patience, tolerance, and unconditional love.  She gave us the same in return.
I had the pleasure of walking her the most.  Because of her, I started meeting many of the people who stroll thru the neighborhood at 6:45 a.m. 8:30 a.m. 1:30 pm, 4:00 pm, 6 pm and 10 pm.  I met people with dogs, repair people, homeless people, and more.  We were all united in our love of dogs.  In addition to meeting the neighbors, being with Dinah, I also got a chance to observe nature and see many sunrises, sunsets, starry skies, leaves changing color, and crispy fall mornings. 
Dinah had many likes:  hanging around the backyard, digging up my plants, being in the middle of everything when we were in the kitchen, eating liver, and snow.  She had her favorite route when she walked; down Court Street to the pet store to drink the water and try to eat the cat food.  She liked lying in puddles, sleeping on cool tile floors, and eating pretzels and cheese and riding in the car.   Her joy in rolling in the snow and in sand would make everyone smile
She also had many dislikes:  having her picture taken, lightening, truck and bus noise, fire works.  Mostly she hated being alone and went through years of separation anxiety when left alone.  Many a time we would feel sad leaving her, as she howled as we left to go to work or to a movie. 
Summer heat got the better of Dinah.  She had a tough summer and I’m happy she will no longer have to endure the terrible summer heat waves.   I miss Dinah.  I know that there will be another chow chow in my future, but it will never compare to Dinah.
*A little boy thought she looked liked a dark grey lion-bear.. and she did!
Linda Blyer
August 1, 2005


March 7, 1991 - May 13, 2002

“If there are no dogs in heaven,” Will Rogers once said, “then I want to go where they went.”

Heaven or no, Exley has left me with a lifetime of memories and friendship…and he did so with others as well. He left a lifetime of friends wanting more…and isn’t that the best thing you can say about anyone?

Carlo DeVito


Born 1996
Passed away February 2012

She greeted each and every one like an old friend - and so they became. Sixteen wonderful years
that went by all too quickly. I'll always miss you, sweetest of all dogs.



Friday afternoon we sent our old buddy Finn on his final journey. We miss him very much, but it was his time.

He was about 13 years old, give or take. He was found on the street, half-starved and with a cracked vertebra. Marcia Kanry, who rescued him, had a home lined up, but he was such a bundle of nerves and in no way house trained or leash trained, he ended up being another of our foster failures. And we are grateful for that, as he eventually mellowed into a friendly, happy dog.

And when I say "bundle of nerves", that meant working for three months to be able to pet his ears and almost a year to run our hands down his body. Drying him with a towel took even longer and he never would let anybody, even me, get close to him with anything in the hand. But he was worth the effort.

And so it goes. That Rainbow Bridge place is getting more crowded all the time.

Mary McInerney


1990 -2003



I found Francesco on March 3rd,1990. He was an emaciated, frightened stray with downcast eyes. I couldn't find him the "perfect" home so he lived with me and my other dog Boy. In time Francesco became the most confident dog in the neighborhood. He was so attached to me many called him "Velcro"... I called him my little soulmate.When he was diagnosed with liver disease at 11 years old I did everything possible but promised him he would never suffer.

On Palm Sunday 2003 I let him go when it became evident that discomfort had begun for him. I will always miss him but know he has made it to the other side. Someone tossed him away...thought he was worthless but I wouldn't have traded sharing my life with him for all the money in the world.


March 5, 1993 - May 17, 2006



My beautiful, gentle Aussie with a tail.
We had a wonderful 13 year journey
Together through life + love.
Always a constant partner,
Always a constant friend,
Always a constant source of love & affection.
We shared a bond that lasted life long
To the very end, with love.

You will always be part of my heart.

Tara Kluge.
and your best kitties, Sam + Duncan



1 Nov 1999(?) - 26 Jan 2017



Gypsy was found the day after Halloween 2002, tied overnight to a lamppost in the Bronx.  She was scarred, unsocialized, and wearing a heavy leather metal-studded vest, like a gladiator—and she was just that.  Fierce, unyielding, determined.  I called her my Braveheart.  With her personality quirks, we never thought she would be able to play off-leash in the park, but eventually she did—with a ball wedged in her mouth, until her later years when she finally became a “normal” dog.  Athletic and intense, she didn’t join the other dogs in play but ran furiously around them on the sideline, then cheered them with her barking; a splendid swimmer, she loved the Doggie Beach.

Gypsy was a true exemplar of the pitbull: brainy, devoted, fearless, obedient.  In spite of her undoubtedly sad and shadowy history, she was a sweet and affectionate girl who loved napping with her people while sighing soulfully with contentment.  To the end, her willful spirit remained strong but her 17-plus year body was giving up the fight.  At the end, she sighed in my ear telling me that she loved her life with us and she was grateful.      

Czerny & George





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