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10/14/93 - 8/20/02
Scudamore Melody de Taj, WAC, CGC, ATT (BFL) Kyloe DeeJudge de Scudamore, WAC, CGC, Delta Dog (LC & BFL) x The Acres-Scudamore Tatiana, TT, WAC (LC)
Owned by Kristina Johnsen

An unfortunate victim of degenerative valve disease, she is one I will judge all my future Dobermans by. Häxa's legacy in Prospect Park continues with two of her kids: Kol and Zen and she is (maybe) missed by her pals Tar, Russia, Calo & Forest.

it's time
you aren't mine
our noses touch
your breath stops
my heart quiets
i dream of you

written by her biggest fan, Lesley Williams

JJ - King of Pugs
died May 2009


No radiant pearl, which crested Fortune wears, No gem that twinkling hangs from Beauty's wars. Not the bright stars which Night's blue arch adorn, Nor rising suns that gild the vernal morn, Shine with such lustre as the tear that flows down Virtue's cheek for others' woes.
-- Erasmus Darwin

Liz & Sharon




He came to us a pup and grew into an amazing dog, companion and friend. His sweetness, his charm, his devilish ways have marked us forever.

Never a dull moment, always full of life and love, Jasper taught us how to live. And we can't thank him enough for that. The hard part is going on without him.

I recently heard an old Danish proverb "To live in the hearts left behind is not to die"

He is forever in our hearts.

Deb, Greg and Ruby


Jolie - Heather

Two best friends - my best friends!




Passed on March 1, 2011


Who taught me so much, filled my heart, and broke it over and over again.


1994? -2006

"If there's no garbage in Heaven, I'm heading back to Las Vegas!"


desiring a place to rest, she took over Michael's best
his mat lay next to my favorite chair
no longer he could lay claim
no better time of day was dinner
my sweet goddess of the silver bowl
go play with Gangsta, Ozzie, and Nadine
my lovely Kelly, Missy Kelly-Ann, the Queen

Deb Manheim

Kol - Can. CH Scudamore Khax Angrboda, CGC, HIC, TT (LC)
(Can. CH Scudamore Wija Khanda (LC) X Scudamore Melody de Taj, WAC,
April 29, 1998 – December 24, 2008



Kol died peacefully at home, today, in the early hours. She put up a valiant fight against megaesophagus in the last five months of her life. I held her til the very end. She was one of the best. Her death is the end of an era for me, as she is the last of my original five.

Fidel, Kuro, and Spy are carrying on as usual. And that's a good thing.




Certified-service dog, therapy dog and racing champion.




We logged miles all over the City, exploring each and every block, and all of the City's great parks. He saved five birds, and protected and guarded our neighborhood squirrels on the Esplanade. He rescued a rabbit, and loved the animals at the Prospect Park Zoo. He quite literally threw a temper tantrum and refused to quiet himself until we adopted a diminutive kitten, named Rachel, with whom he played with each and every night for two months straight. They routinely slept together.

But for a very select few dogs, especially, Ruby whom he absolutely adored, and a couple of others, he thought it was his duty to try to help and teach other dogs to be better dogs and, sometimes, even people to be better people. He taught and helped Mia and Miley to run in a straight line

He loved people, genuinely reaching-out to them. He enjoyed the Madison Square Garden Circus, movie theatres and Broadway musicals, especially, the Broadway play "Lion King," especially, when the actors ran down the aisles of the theatre.

He enjoyed fine dining, including, the old Mortons on West Side Highway, Bobby Vanns, Atlantic Grill, Il Giglio, Il Mulino, Tribeca Grand, Soho Grand, Marriott, Millenium, Ritz, PJ Clarkes, and so many other restaurants and bars. He enjoyed the San Gennaro Festivals and Street Fairs. He loved the Exchange deli where so many things to eat were at his eye level. He loved the beach and, of course, he loved his Pack walks in Prospect Park. He loved all you guys.

Kuro passed away on Sunday, October 6 at about 3 PM. Please send him your very best energy and love.

He was a very fine companion.

Michael J. Devereaux, Esq.


2003 - 2018

Ladybug Lovelace was a small dog with a BIG personality.  She was born in Brooklyn on Vanderbilt Ave., the granddaughter of Willum The Conqueror, who won Best in Show at Westminster in 1994. She owned Prospect Park and her apartment building.  She defined, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort.” 

She was not easy or cuddly or affectionate.  She grumbled, mumbled, and always had something to say (even though she was a Canine Good Citizen and therapy dog).  She loved tracking, walks in the park with a pack, dog camp, traveling.  She was loyal to a fault.  Loving her dog and human friends, protecting her “pack”. 

If you gave her a treat once, she never forgot and was a friend for life (she barely forgave you if you didn’t have a treat the next time she happened upon you).  She hated puppies and being picked up, and was very vocal about it.  She was very, very smart and is missed very, very much.

"If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever" - Winnie the Pooh

Katherine L Patton

Boston Terrier





Our best friend, beloved sibling, and beautiful companion. We miss you, things aren't as fun without you.

Thank you for everything you did to make us smile.

Josh and Becca


Pride, dignity, humility, trust, love and friendship…   
Sept 14, 1998-March 31, 2007

Beauty, without Vanity
Strength without Insolence
Courage without Ferocity
And all the Virtues of Man
Without his Vices.


From: The Coonhound, Robert Legare, 1924

I found Lucy at the CACC in Harlem on a Friday afternoon, September 14, 1998.

A bond like no other, I took her home to Brooklyn and the park - my post college, adult life began with her at my side: friends, husband, clients, two businesses - she watched over it all with grace and trust and never took her eyes off me. She set it all up, walked me down the aisle, slept close to me and gave me courage. And then, with all the poise and dignity that was Lucy, died upon diagnoses of cancer to remind me of the fragility of life, family and friends.

Alice & Paul Krieg


January 1993 - March 18, 2005



In memory of beautiful Luka, a truly generous, loving old soul who graced my life with his presence and companionship for nearly all the 12 short years he lived. His sweet spotted face, his exuberant, loving spirit and the silly, grimacing smiles he gave as greetings to folks he counted among his tribe, will always be remembered.






Lupo was a stately gentle dog who was found in a church yard. He loved being outdoors in Kerhonkson, NY, in Prospect Park and on the streets of Brooklyn. He gladly shared his home with Vinnie. Lupo was happy with whatever came his way. He had nine lives and enjoyed them all. We will miss him. He has joined the spirit of Rex and all his other canine friends.

Marlene Boccato


passed away March 28, 2009




On March 28, our lovely Manfred died at home; sadly, Tom and I were in Egypt when he died, so we were not able to share his last moments. When I found Manfred, aka Mr. Handsome, he was starving to death and he had no hair on his hind quarters. Len Silverman, our vet, came to the house to treat Manfred, and Tom spent months nursing him back to health. When he recovered, Manfred was the beautiful dog that we all remember.

Fred was my friend and my protector. We loved his golden eyes, his smile, and his sense of humor, and he loved us back with the loyalty that makes dog lovers of us all. We will miss him forever.

Tom & Barbara Barran

Mr Brown 1988
(?) - May 4, 2007


My "Precious Soul" Mr. Brown

I knew you once so long ago

You came into my house again and made it home

At the end I was your legs, but you were always my soul

I don't know how long you will be away

I will always look for you

and at the end of the road

I won't be afraid

I will be with you again


Mr. Furley
Passed away November 6, 2008



Mr. Furley was a rescue dog and in the 5 years I had him, he led quite a life. His loud snorts and crazy bug-eyed looks made people either laugh or shriek in horror, but he was always a good sport about it. He had severe separation anxiety and emotional issues and followed me room to room for most of our time together – he was my shadow.

In 2005, he was abducted on Union Street and later found in Bushwick (thanks in part to Bob and FIDO for getting the message out) – apparently he was sold for $20 on 3rd Street for drugs. It is a complete miracle that we were reunited. Then later in 2007, he came in runner-up in Brooklyn Industries Top Dog contest.

Mr. Furley’s favorite pastimes were to chase my cat Spooky, lick his paws obsessively, and poop in the post office as we mailed packages. He was quirky and noisy but so very loving and no one understood him but me -- but in a way we were destined to find and take care of each other. He taught me so much about patience and unconditional love that I will always feel blessed for the short time he was with me. Thanks so much!

Caylin Sanders

My "Precious Soul" Mr. Brown

1988 (?) - May 4, 2007



I knew you once so long ago
You came to my house again and made it home
At the end I was your legs, but you were always my soul
I don't know how long you will be away
I will always look for you
and at the end of the road

I won't be afraid
I will be with you again

Mr. Brown went from 'hood hoodlum to being my and Mario's constant companion. He took many transcontinental flights with us at my feet, and not a peep from him. His manners were impeccable. Walking with Downtown Brown in his racing red "car" was like walking with a movie star

Everyone would stop and take pictures. It comforts me to know that he is all around the world in people's photo albums. People were shocked to learn how old he was (I think he was part coyote -- coyotes typically make it to 19 easily). They were equally shocked to learn that I had only recently adopted him. A common comment I would get is "You are such a nice person to adopt such an old dog." People who know me know that I'm very good at looking out for my own interests. In fact, Mr. Brown made me a nicer person.

But being nice was not the point and had nothing to do with the honor and privilege of adopting Mr. Brown. The luster of a beautiful soul is ageless. I wasn't "doing charity" when I adopted Mr. Brown -- Stray from the Heart has the BEST dogs. And I had my choice of over thirty...

Mr. Brown, you were and always will be my pick of the litter. Until we meet again,

Your Mom

Dena Allen

July 1993, Kent County, Maryland -
18 May 2003, Poughkeepsie, New York


Matriculated at the University of Prospect Park, 1993-1995; part-time student, 1996-2000. Survived by Melissa Pierson, Luc Sante, and Raphael Pierson-Sante.
Black Dog
Once squeezed into the four inches under the armoire; once
Small as a hand; once nearly
Fictitious, mischievous, self-permitting, round and
Filled tight with worms.
Now my friend, not shadow, but gone--
Off in the distance tail flying, arc a streamer, reminder, smudge;
A gay tail they call it, proving bad for work but good for black dog.
She has a smile. She eats her oatmeal with meat and greens.
She draws the world in bounds and springs.
Rounding back, finally territory covered, miles understood.
Then later she sleeps once more, while overhead beyond the couch
We spy silver planes now changed to lines of light in the dark.
They move distantly past a thin curved moon
Not unlike a gay tail flung in biologic joy over the back of black
Dog, black dog who is here at this moment
Far from me but closer than you know.

     Melissa Holbrook Pierson


Aug 1994 - Aug 2006

Ming was a 120 lb beautiful white German Shepherd who passed way last August from advanced arthritis. He was 12 years old and is survived by his sister. My sister made up this picture of Ming decked out with wings and a halo. Her message read: "you know he is in doggie heaven right? And you know there are no republicans there?"

Catherine Munsch




Originally from a shelter, Mona moved to brooklyn and was dubbed "the original dog concentrate", known for high adventure, her huge smile, and a great belly flop in the park's ponds (back when you could get to them!). We were fortunate to spend the bulk of her years with Prospect Park as our playground and home base. Mona was fearless and incredibly kind, and was a terrific representative of a pit bull at it's best. Everyone who met her loved her. At 11, she was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma, stage three cancer, in her liver and spleen.

We fought for 13 months, many of which were happy and healthy. We were able to enjoy one more full summer and one more beach vacation, and two christmases. We also met many others fighting canine cancer, and formed unique bonds as we weathered the disease. She was even featured in a new book "How to help your dog fight cancer", by Laurie Kaplan, which is an invaluable tool to anyone faced with this heartbreaking battle. Mona lived to 13, and passed away at home on March 3, after we ran out of weapons to fight the disease. She is still much loved and much missed. We hope she is over the rainbow bridge, happy and healthy, where every day is a sunny morning in the park filled with her friends.




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