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In Memoriam Homepage

Memorial Tree
(Dedication May 10, 2003)

(Original Deceased Spring 2009)
A White Oak was planted in May of 2010
a gift of the Prospect Park Alliance

We all touch one another, Human & Canine alike





photos by Bob Ipcar & Maureen Sanders

A Willow Oak to Commemorate Our Dearly Departed Dogs

The leaves of the Willow Oak (Quercus phellos) could deceive you into thinking it a type of Willow rather than an Oak. The acorns, however, give it away. It is an Oak: handsome, tough, giving–much like the canines in whose memory it has been planted. The grown tree’s 50-foot spread provides shade when the sun is strong, and shelter when Mother Nature cries. Its 70-foot height provides homes for birds and squirrels. Its spherical acorns provide nourishment for a variety of wildlife, and its autumn color provides food for the hungry spirits of poets and dreamers.
The tree was planted in May of 2003. A memorial ceremony was held mentioning some 34 dogs.

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