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Who Is FIDO In Prospect Park?

Fellowship in the Interest of Dogs and their Owners

FIDO In Prospect Park is a 501(c) (3) non for profit since 2004.

FIDO Archieves
Have a fond memory of FIDO's founding? Were you there for the 2006 Juniper Hill Court battle; attended the City hearings that saw off-leash become law, not a privilege? What has the Press had to say about FIDO's achievements in Prospect Park over the years?

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FIDO In Prospect Park is a 501(c) (3) non for profit since 2004.

FIDO'S Original Mission Statement

FIDO is committed to insuring that Prospect Park is a safe healthy place for dogs. FIDO is dedicated to enhancing opportunities for off-leash activities. We are also dedicated to responsible supervision of dogs. FIDO aims to educate the dog walking community, the public, and elected and appointed officials about dog-related issues.

FIDO believes that in order for dogs to be healthy and well socialized, they need off-leash time to exercise and play with other dogs. To foster a clean and well-kept environment, we will draw on a variety of resources within companion dog communities and beyond. FIDO is opposed to the creation of dog runs in Prospect Park.

There is a large community of dog owners using Prospect Park. FIDO will harness the collective strength of this community. We will educate park officials, city officials, and the general public about dogs, off-leash activity, and the need for a cleaner, better-maintained environment. We will raise funds for projects and make the park a safer place for dogs.

FIDO recognizes there are many diverse groups who use the park. We wish to increase communications with those groups. We seek respectful, enlightened coexistence with other park users. FIDO recognizes that dogs must be well trained in order to be off-leash. Therefore we will strive to educate the dog owning community regarding appropriate conduct.

The dog community brings enormous benefits to Prospect Park. FIDO is dedicated to increasing the public’s understanding of those benefits. The companion dog constituency is among the most consistent and dedicated of park constituencies. We use the park 365 days a year, rain or shine. We provide a network of watchful eyes in the early morning and late at night. We bring stability, security and safety to the park as a whole.

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By-Laws adopted October 13 2008

How Have We Done So Far?



Sponsor lectures, workshops, and clinics on subjects related to responsible dog ownership.

Create written materials on topics related to the health, welfare and safety of dogs.

Sponsor discussion groups for the Prospect Park dog-walking community.

Provide materials and serve as a back-up resource center for dog rescue efforts.

Provide information regarding lost and found dogs.

Engage in charitable activities on behalf of the Prospect Park Alliance, a charitable organization connected with Prospect Park.

Inform the general public regarding dogs.

Communicate with other park constituencies regarding the role of dogs in Prospect Park.

Engage in charitable activities on behalf of lost and abandoned animals in the Prospect Park area.

Most Important of all, FIDO worked with the New York Council of Dog Owner Groups, the City Board of Health and the City Park's Commissioner to make off-leash law by Spring of 2007. We were the model for how responsible off-leash could benefit New York City's parks

Current FIDO Projects

For Dogs . . .

Providing extra garbage pails to help prevent the easy access of dogs to unhealthy picnic debris.

Adapting water fountains so that dogs may drink without offending human users.

Developing a solid network for the placement of homeless dogs, and make every effort to reunite lost dogs with their owners.

For Their Owners . . .

Educating people on topics important to the health and happiness of dogs.

Providing information concerning local dog-related services and products.

Exploring group health insurance for pets.

Sponsoring social events, including night walks in the park with our dogs.

For The Prospect Park Community . . .

Filling in holes that are likely to have been dug by dogs.

Participating in park fundraising events

Maintaining open communication with the park and with other park constituencies

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